最近ではクラブ・ジャズバンドで注目を集めているFONTANA FOLLEのサポートや歌詞提供、海外楽曲の和訳歌詞制作のほか、フォトグラファーやサイト制作などクリエイターとしても活動している。

Pianist, Lyric Writer, Photographer.
Started classic piano in her childhood, then attracted by Jazz after graduated the university. Studied under Masahiko Sato at Mesar Haus Music School, played in Royal Bossa Trio led by Ryuji Iida from 2014. The first cd was released in 2015 as guitar and piano duo OTOKAZARI. The latest plays are with FONTANA FOLLE who is becoming well known at Tokyo as Club Jazz Band, joined as keyboard as well as lyric writing for their music, also Japanese lyrics writing for English/French songs, shooting photos and website creation for musicians.